Hook Visitors &

Reel In Sales!

Turn Website Browsers Into Buyers!

Discover How to Generate More Sales WITHOUT Spending More on Ads!

1) Do Marketing

AKA - 'Launch Your Boat'

Most Likely -> You're already doing this step. In fact, this works best for companies who have are already doing things like:


Paid Ads

Yard Signs

Home Shows

Buying Shared Leads


If you are doing any of these, you have people looking at your website!!

The Problem: Only a small % of people who go to your website become a Lead.

2) Capture Leads

AKA - 'LeadLure: Irresistible Bait''

Relying on a 'Contact Form' to generate leads...

...Is like putting your boat on the lake and waiting for fish to jump in.

Sure, you net a few fish here and there.

But if you want maximize your leads and marketing dollars..

You need 'Irresistible Bait'

The LeadLure ChatBot is THAT BAIT!

LeadLure is your secret weapon, the shiny bait that draws visitors in, engages them, answers their questions, and keeps them hooked.

3) Maximize ROI

AKA - 'Reel in More Sales on AutoPilot'

Our ChatBots are 100% Done-For-You and automated.

This means we do the work..

You sit back and close the deals!

Why LeadLure:

24/7 Engagement

Chatbots provide immediate responses, while contact forms require users to wait for replies. This speed can lead to a 40% higher conversion rate on average.

Increased Conversions

Chatbots have been known to increase conversion rates by up to 3 times compared to static contact forms. They engage visitors in real-time, increasing the chances of lead capture.

People Love It!

Chatbots can personalize interactions based on user behavior and preferences, making visitors feel more valued. This personal touch can lead to 50% more qualified leads compared to standard forms.

Check Out our Demo LeadLures:

Pick Your Industry to Get Started

Home Remodeling

Kitchen, Bathrooms, Windows & More, watch how our ChatBot engages users and generates leads.

Dominate your local market and give users the exact solutions they are looking for.


Book your calendar booked as our ChatBot gets people excited to come into your clinic!

From Happy Hour to Lunch, we get your visitors mouths watering to come visit your restaurant.

As we continue to expand and build out more ChatBots, we will share the examples here.

More Coming Soon

As we continue to expand and build out more ChatBots, we will share the examples here.

Note: These are just Demos. We customize a ChatBot for each specific business we work with

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Core Package


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30 Day Free Trail

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Complete Set-up & Automations

Monitored and Maximized

All Leads Sent Directly to You

$0 Set-Up Fees

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No Hidden Fees

Additional Bots


Per Bot

If additional bots are wanted

Can be used for different products or seasonal specials.

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Daniel Jay & Son

About Us:

AdrenalineROI is a smaller, boutique company in Minnesota.

Known as the 'Agency Assassins' we mostly work with small business who are tired of spending money on ads and not seeing results.

We Focus on solutions that generate more sales, without spending more on advertising!

Done-For-You ChatBots

Re-Activation Campaigns

Automated Reviews

Facebook Ads

Lead Magnets


Frequently Asked Question

How Does the ChatBot Capture and Qualify Leads?

The chatbot engages visitors in real-time conversations, asking relevant questions to understand their needs and preferences. It then collects contact information and uses lead scoring to qualify prospects, ensuring you receive high-quality leads ready for conversion.

How Do I recieve the Leads?

During the Free Trail, we will email you each lead the moent it comes in. After the free trail, we areable to integrate using Zapier and other apps.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect in Terms of Lead Generation?

Our chatbot typically increases lead generation by 50% on average, compared to traditional methods like static forms. By engaging visitors in personalized conversations, it captures leads that would otherwise be lost, leading to a significant boost in potential customers.

Call (612)408-0070


Facebook: FB.com/AdrenalineROI

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